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Pangloss--who uses metaphysical theology to gloss over the natural and moral evils in the world--dismisses all acts of corruption, betrayal, violence, and suffering encountered in his adventures, including the Lisbon earthquake, rapes, murders, and disembowelments, with the protestation that, despite appearances to the contrary, this is the best of all possible worlds.
It's lush with surprising turns in plot, dangerous women, drastically unbalanced men, graphic disembowelments, necrophilia, incest, and an awareness of the vital persistence of evil.
Naysayers claim that the R rating is too broad, encompassing everything from a few swear words or brief flashes of nudity to repeated scenes of stomach-churning mutilation and disembowelments.
Braveheart contains more than its fair share of decapitations and disembowelments and ends with Mel Gibson impaled on a cross.