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They see the levies paid by them, as taxpayers, to shore up private rail and exporting companies and to footloose corporations which rarely think of repaying subsidies when they disemploy hundreds or thousands and move abroad where labour is cheaper.
According to some of the book's contributors, there also remains an ideological legacy from the Soviet past which makes for some reluctance to disemploy workers; the enterprise is often still referred to as the "labor collective.
Apart from nuclear war, we are gaining the capacity to fatally pollute the planet, to disemploy humans altogether, to feed or starve nations, and to clone our favorite celebrities.
Like others, of course, my vision encompasses numerous specific changes that must be made in our economy and our society; guarantees of decent income and security that are independent of one's status in the economy; technology that is used to empower and enrich average Canadians, rather than to disemploy and impoverish them; an economy and community that is inclusive and solidaristic, rather than divisive and competitive.
I know (sadly) that if you raise my pay to rock star levels, my employers will disemploy me, tenure and my singing talents notwithstanding.