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James Woodsworth insisting on explaining his irreconcilable doubts to the Canadian Methodist Conference only to find the Conference blandly refusing to accept his resignation from the ministry on the grounds that his fundamental and extensive list of rejected doctrines did not in the end disenable him as a Christian minister.
While ISRI supports efforts to protect consumers and deter theft, the bill does not provide qualified recyclers and refurbishers with reasonable access to ensure the cell phone is not stolen or to disenable such software, both of which are necessary to maximize the value of the cell phone and return it to the reuse market.
Literature becomes a political force when, as a mode of discourse woven out of figurative language, it disenables easy and triumphant identification with a present community and disrupts our allegiances" (168).
meet a curse; but as your youth disenables you from viewing this
For Latour, it is the very idea of Nature--that "blend of Greek politics, French Cartesianism, and American Parks"--that disenables ecopolitical projects by positing a nature that is by definition "incontestable" and therefore beyond the reach of "ordinary political life" (Politics of Nature, 4-5, 10).
However, from an evaluative stand-point, this method smoothes over the space for preemptive striation, rhetorically positioning a "level playing field" which is simultaneously establishes a hierarchical order away from the gamespace which disenables the accused to exist outside of that already accomplished role-formation.
There are only 23 listings for -able, for example, but most of the -ables I could think of have antepenultimate accents, which disenables them.
19) The incomplete separation of fact from fiction, which characterises both poetry and the miraculous, at once enables critical reflection as we strive to understand and represent the feeling of radical difference that they invoke, and, equally, disenables it as we realise the impossibility of fully transposing that feeling into language, of attaining absolute truth.