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While GA-T disenabled the inhibitory effect of iNOS stimulated by TNFa in HCT-116 p[53.sup.-/-]cell lines (Fig.
They are not totally disenabled, incapable of any good, dead in sin, as puritans from Perkins to Preston held.
Second, it means that these interventions are enabled and disenabled by the national, regional and local politics and economics of our school systems.
Prendergast challenges both the post-structuralist dismissal of mental illness as social construct and the individuation of illness and treatment to show how the rhetorically disenabled subject is produced through a combination of medical definition and treatment, illness experience, the romanticization of illness and creativity, transinstitutionalization, and lack of activism on behalf of the mentally ill.
A woman of color, for example, may be disenabled by social meanings assigned to her capability or competence by virtue of her race or gender, but authorized by the centrality or normality conferred by her heterosexuality, or by positive meanings assigned to her race and gender attributes by a smaller group, such as her church or a circle of friends.