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Clearly differentiating the two doctrines would provide courts a single, clear avenue to assess claims of disenabling irreproducibility.
It is also Gamon (1991: 144) who claims that "[s]ome enabler, which has the role for the occurrence of an event exists--or equivalently no disenabling circumstances exist.
Despite the significant dangers of the latter, given that we live in a period of more efficient social discipline than perhaps the West has ever experienced, I would argue that a feminist Foucauldian cannot afford to repeat Foucault's own disenabling ambivalence.
Eggert also indicates that this literary experiment was unrepeatable for early modern dramatists: "Henry V's commitment to epic requires theater to marginalize and neutralize its identification with the feminine; but in that case, the theater runs the risk of disenabling or at least limiting its own power.
A discourse of words rather than terms, undefined, and undefinable, in experientially composed language (as, "the experience speaking," rather than--timbrally--"the writer speaking about the experience") might seem to have, at least as its self-propaganda, a more effectively anti-theater output, by virtue of being inexplicitly specific, non-paraphrasable, and undefinable, thus disenabling transference in the shape of a dramatic form onto its signified phenomena.
More importantly, however, once she becomes aware of the influence of some group-based norms on her self-definition, she may be able to use or even create others to support a more enabling self-conception and to resist the influence of more dominant disenabling norms.
The social institution of unemployment is, it is maintained, generally experienced as impoverishing, restricting, baffling, discouraging and disenabling (see Fryer, 1986, for further details).
The dominant, and easily recognizable, postures of postcoloniality are the ones that Diawara decides are seductive but disenabling.