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Let nobody tell you that the disenchantment is only in the NPP and the LPDP, there are lots of disenchantments within the Congress for Democratic Change and I think as a body, together we all representing the interest of our partisans, they are depending on us and they look up to us to protect their interest,' Chief Allen says.
Note how Netflix didn't specify if the Disenchantment 's characters symbolise the inner-workings of actual Simpsons fans who've been yearning for the show to just end.
At the height of the investigations being conducted by different agencies and bodies, including this Senate, Enrile said the survivors and their dependents had approached him at his detention expressing their resentment and disenchantment with the government as it seemed to some of them that the death of the SAF 44 was now largely being exploited to serve political ends, some for political propaganda.
Eight chapters are: metaculture and its malcontents; Buddhist circuits and the oworldingo practices in North India; seductions and disenchantments in the making of an ecomuseum; imprisoning ethnic heritage in French Guiana; indigenous crafts, political re-enchantment and the rational of heritage making in Costa Rica; Mexico for sale; feeding disenchantment; tourism values and the becoming ordinary of heritage.
Paul Maltby's Christian Fundamentalism and the Culture of Disenchantment describes the polarized predicament of the United States in the early twenty-first century, where the deepest beliefs and values of Christian conservatives, especially those with an evangelical or fundamentalist bent, are more or less anathema to liberal secularists, whose beliefs and values (which are often just as deeply held) derive from a basically incompatible worldview.
Ross's argument ultimately reveals his conservative, anti-Marxist core-narrative, revealed in a parenthetical aside when Ross suggests that thinking of literature as communication is awful, close to disenchantment, but communism is worse (356).
If this is the enchanted intervention of some Shelleyan 'unacknowledged legislator' targeting the 'hard-to-notice' orthodoxy of a culture's regard for history or poetry, it is an intervention encompassed by a disenchantment with poetry itself.
Disenchantment with the European idea was highest in France: 62% of French citizens considered that the EU's evolution was not the right one.
Derek Jeffery f made a good point ('Time for change', ECHO letters, March 14) in saying that Question Time could cause disenchantment towards politicians by the electorate, the way they wafflf e and sidetrack questions.
There must be a risk, however, that disenchantment will spread among young people who do not appreciate being made to provide the solutions to problems caused entirely by their elders, especially when they are told to work for two years more than today's retirees to access a state pension.
Observers said that although the LNG project represents a significant opportunity for PNG and has already provided local jobs and boosted the economy, these gains are at risk of being undermined if local disenchantment and simmering social tensions ignite the powderkeg Highlands region.
Dolce studied the participants' verbatim responses to the survey and uncovered two recurring themes: disenchantment and exercising power.