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Gag rules of this type tend to distort rather than disencumber democracy by violating the principle of equal participation in the process of self-rule.
Since, as Loraux suggests, the political is the final authority over collective memory, we may find there the agent who will disencumber us of this past (Loraux 1986, 3; see also Ricocur 1997, 449-53).
He misses, I think, the real value of Holmes's overall critique of anti-liberalism which is to disencumber liberalism of the myths, misconceptions and dogmas fostered by the anti-liberal outlook.
This book is so rich in material, both for Egyptologists and for Semitists, that my recommendation to those who cannot labor in the other's field is to disencumber themselves of this deficiency.
Though life peers had been introduced to the House, peers by succession who wished to disencumber themselves of their peerage, which was also a disqualification from membership of the House of Commons, could not do so.
She in turn longs for her master's demise through a similar, though divinely ordained, consumption: "I thought how glad I should be, if some day when he walked the earth, it would open and swallow him up, and disencumber the world of a plague" (18).
12 Tilly writes that he decided to forswear the modeling and estimation of causal relationships in this book to disencumber the narrative, speak to historians of Britain, and give himself the discipline of laying out in words "what quantitative modeling will eventually have to represent, verify and falsify" (p.
The kites, on the other hand, manage to disencumber themselves of all this.
However, Mourad, like Campbell, represents Egyptian middle-classes as standing in a median state; neither completely at one with their new settings, responsibilities, and realities nor fully disencumbered of the enslaving past.
156), the goblins' actions--once disencumbered of their putative economic legibility--may come into focus as intensely evocative phenomena.
The fact that the power of legislating for Indians, and for lands which are reserved to their use, has been entrusted to the Parliament of the Dominion is not in the least degree inconsistent with the right of the provinces to a beneficial interest in these lands, available to them as a source of revenue whenever the estate of the Crown is disencumbered of the Indian title.