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Holmes, supra note 18, at 20 (stating that a properly formulated gag rule can "profitably shift attention away from areas of discord" and so disencumber the democratic process); John Rawls, Justice as Fairness: Political Not Metaphysical, 14 PHIL.
This book is so rich in material, both for Egyptologists and for Semitists, that my recommendation to those who cannot labor in the other's field is to disencumber themselves of this deficiency.
Though life peers had been introduced to the House, peers by succession who wished to disencumber themselves of their peerage, which was also a disqualification from membership of the House of Commons, could not do so.
She in turn longs for her master's demise through a similar, though divinely ordained, consumption: "I thought how glad I should be, if some day when he walked the earth, it would open and swallow him up, and disencumber the world of a plague" (18).
12 Tilly writes that he decided to forswear the modeling and estimation of causal relationships in this book to disencumber the narrative, speak to historians of Britain, and give himself the discipline of laying out in words "what quantitative modeling will eventually have to represent, verify and falsify" (p.