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In the mean time, the elder traveller, as if familiar with the nature of the impulses by which his children were governed, disencumbered himself of his pack and rifle, and, assisted by the man already mentioned as disposed to appeal so promptly to the rifle, he quietly proceeded to release the cattle from the gears.
Winkle, as Sam disencumbered him of his great- coat and travelling-shawl, 'to ascertain, before I gave my consent to Sam's employment in this matter, that you are quite in earnest and serious, with respect to this young lady.
Edward Said, in similar vein to Turner, conceptualized exile as "a median space" where the exile is "neither completely at one with the new setting, not fully disencumbered of the old, beset with half-involvements and half-detachments, nostalgic and sentimental on one level, an adept mimic or a secret outcast on another" (Said, 1996: 49).
2: 297-315), John Attridge begins by citing the "vantage point" of Arnold's culture, from which "life could be seen whole and integral, disencumbered of both the blinkers of class interest and the magnifying glass of the specialist" (p.
subject's part, for a free activity of playing, disencumbered from
30) Because sacrifice does not go far enough, the Jim Crow South and white America in general can exploit sacrifice as a means by which to surmount the US democratic ideology of equality among men and create the essential, racially exclusive image of the "American" disencumbered of its inherent contradictions.
Those who promote this point of view argue that if we could only make nomenclature stable, not only would communication about taxa proceed in a more harmonious fashion but the taxonomic enterprise itself would be disencumbered of the Linnaean nomenclatural albatross that has long hung around its neck.
Beneath the retained 1930s glazed ceiling, the Atrium has been disencumbered of the grand staircase and other additions, to provide clear south facing views to the eye-catching elevation of Ibos and Vitart's new building.