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On disendowment see, more recently, Keith Wrightson, Earthly Necessities: Economic Lives in Early Modern Britain (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2000), 141-145.
Thus it is established that the Archbishop and the King have met and agreed to a plan in which the Church will provide funds for the war in exchange for Henry's help in staving off disendowment.
In view of the court, Henry will feign nonchalance, then mild hesitation at the Archbishop's authorizing of his French claims in the wake of their earlier agreement about the disendowment bill: the court will then rouse him to take actions he has already clearly planned.
What is notable initially is that the Henry of Holinshed and Hall is far less aggressive than that of Shakespeare, a difference that can be seen from the outset of Henry V in Shakespeare's handling of the disendowment issue.
With Theodosius, the administration embarked upon a systematic effort to abolish the various surviving forms of paganism through the disestablishment, disendowment, and proscription of surviving cults.
He also included the lines which call for the disendowment of the monasteries, under the subheading: "Dos Constantin destruenda" (15.
A firm believer in the Anglican faith and general supporter of its official relationship with government, Trollope was nevertheless wary of the one's encroaching on the other's territory and, in the case of Ireland, supported disestablishment and disendowment.
And though Wyclif was surely influenced by Richard FitzRalph, he struck out in a very different direction, advocating a program of ecclesiastical disendowment at the hands of temporal lords, one that would reduce the whole clergy to a state of evangelical poverty approximating the life of Christ and his Apostles--itself a privilege to be embraced.
Firstly, no Welsh bishop has been translated to an English diocese since the Disestablishment and Disendowment of the Church in Wales in 1920, and no prelate from England has come to Wales as a diocesan.
Calm's Castles": Poverty, Politics and Disendowment' examines a complex instance of this general trend: the impact of mendicant poverty on the disendowment politics of Wycliffe and his Lollard followers.
22) On the other side, Wycliffe summons up the threat of communal dissension to justify disendowment of the clergy: "seculer power ygove to the clergie distruyith seculer lordis, & most gendrith dyvycioun in the puple & stirith the puple to arise agen' her lordis.
Given the beliefs of John Bale and Robert Crowley that Piers Plowman was utterly sympathetic to Wyclif, and their interest in Langland's passages regarding disendowment, Matthew Parker's silence, manifest at the least in his failure to attend carefully to the poem's moral stance, stands out.