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Both situations are the product of the abuse of power; in both cases lives are disenfranchised and destroyed; in both settings, the abuser exploits the other for personal pleasure or benefit, and the victim or victims have no clear avenues for redress.
Council therefore requests that the Mayor writes to the Electoral Commission and the appropriate government minister to make them aware of the 20,000 disenfranchised Liverpool residents and lobby for an immediate change in legislation which would allow institutional landlords to register their tenants to vote.
More than five million Americans are currently disenfranchised because of felony convictions--an increase of some 270,000 over the past decade.
Disenfranchised grief describes losses that are not socially endorsed by society (Attig, 2004).
A peer-reviewed study by political scientists at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas concluded that "none of these candidates" voters are not disenfranchised.
To counter this we must listen to our disenfranchised minorities, whatever colour or religion they may be.
Had the city rejected those applications for failure to produce a match, almost 20 percent of new registrants who had supplied driver's license numbers would have been disenfranchised as a result of clerical error.
In the same way English voters are already disenfranchised from issues that only affect Wales.
He is joined by those who do not "fit" in the regular world: the mad, lame, disenfranchised, betrayed.
I know for a little bit you were disenfranchised with all the big money coming into skateboarding, but lately you've been recharged.
The Conservative Party has rejected claims that large numbers of members are being disenfranchised in the ballot for a new party leader.