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Based on research conducted at Wild Rose Alternative School, an urban high school for at risk youth in Alberta, Canada, this work presents a case study on the education of disenfranchised teens.
They have often intentionally disenfranchised voters through such techniques as gerrymandering.
The councillors' motion asks for members to agree that: "Council believes that the current legal position where institutional landlords cannot register their tenants to vote is resulting in unacceptably large numbers of people being disenfranchised.
Given the large number of persons disenfranchised in the state because of the state's ex-felon Constitutional provision, the original framers of the state's Constitution in 1845 could not have possibly envisioned a state population of 20 million persons and the disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of persons when they enacted the ex-felon voting ban and the procedures for executive clemency.
Each narrative is accompanied by commentary by Shirley Scott, MS, a registered nurse, grief counselor, and thanatologist, who reflects on the issues and patterns of disenfranchised grief, the reasons people might grieve after the death of an ex-spouse, and how this is normal.
On Election Day urban voters were further systematically disenfranchised.
General grief reactions to pet loss are discussed, along with the negative impact of disenfranchised grief for pet bereavement.
The judge threw out the option in an attempt to protect voters from being disenfranchised, but the result is exactly the opposite.
According to The Sentencing Project's 2012 report, there are currently about 350,000 disenfranchised ex-offenders in the state.
Every time one of these people treats us like fools it doesn't make the situation for Ed Miliband any better, it merely emphasises how disenfranchised we were under Blair and Brown and, until they show some respect for our intelligence, how disenfranchised we will remain.
Disenfranchised, noun - the act of using your husband's position to rake in cash while wittering self-indulgent, sanctimonious tosh.
This will come as no surprise for the thousands of hard-working families who feel disenfranchised and disowned in modern Britain.