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The aircraft-handling signal described in the Aircraft Signals NATOPS Manual (NAVAIR 00-80T113) to engage NWS and direct a left or right turn can easily be misinterpreted with the handling signal to disengage NWS.
It is time for management and the professional staff to disengage, take a step back, and engage in broader discussions than those directly relevant to the immediate conflict.
Incidents/Injuries: JELD-WEN is aware of twelve incidents of broken pivot pins causing the bifold doors to disengage from the overhead track, including three incidents involving minor injuries.
We see this effect even if they have closed eyes and they have nothing to disengage from.
But don't try to disengage the cams with your fingers.
For safety, the wheels disengage when the chair lifts.
All they had to do was disengage the autopilot and fly the plane manually, he says.
It may be that self-enhancers engage in important life tasks as long as they're able to perform at a level that doesn't threaten their self-view but then [emotionally] disengage when they don't live up to their expectations," Robins suggests.
An SRI team of scientists and engineers is applying its expertise in fracture physics to help analyze the test results and determine how quickly the explosive nuts fracture and disengage the studs.
Disengage the transfer case and release the parking brake.
JERUSALEM, March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Jewish Committee Executive Committee, visiting Israel, today reaffirmed the organization's solid support for Israel's plan to disengage from the Gaza Strip.
Bush, having been the most belligerent and gung-ho of individuals now can't disengage his troops fast enough from the mess he and Blair have created, all he is concerned with now is saving his political skin.