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To become involved with, do, or take part in something.

To be engaged in something, such as a type of employment, implies a continuity of action. It is used in reference to an occupation or anything in which an individual habitually participates.

A person can also be engaged to do a particular activity by contract or other agreement.

When two people become engaged to marry, they are bound together by an agreement or promise to marry one another.

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They said to reduce speed, the captain should have disengaged the autopilot and raised the nose manually, but that he did not disengage the autopilot and pulled the control wheel, which in turn caused the nose to move sharply up and down repeatedly.
Archbishop Gervais' rhetorical question, "Does the fear of being tainted permit us to disengage from politics?" is really another crack at a supposed pro-life standoffishness.
It is time for management and the professional staff to disengage, take a step back, and engage in broader discussions than those directly relevant to the immediate conflict.
"We see this effect even if they have closed eyes and they have nothing to disengage from.
Also, the additional weight of slat armor sometimes means there's not enough pressure available to disengage the ramp locks.
For safety, the wheels disengage when the chair lifts.
The idea was to disengage art from the frivolity of Pop as well as from bourgeois hypocrisy.
"It may be that self-enhancers engage in important life tasks as long as they're able to perform at a level that doesn't threaten their self-view but then [emotionally] disengage when they don't live up to their expectations," Robins suggests.
Gboyega Akosile, stated that the appointment of Alogba was consequent upon the need to prevent a vacuum in the State Judiciary, given the imminent retirement of the incumbent, Honourable Justice Opeyemi Oke, who is set to disengage statutorily from the State Judiciary from today Monday, 10th June 2019.
Disengage the transfer case and release the parking brake.
Bush, having been the most belligerent and gung-ho of individuals now can't disengage his troops fast enough from the mess he and Blair have created, all he is concerned with now is saving his political skin.