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The government said in a statement following its weekly cabinet meeting in Ramallah that it has decided to form a committee of various ministries to lay out plans for the disengagement.
The UN Secretary-General called on countries with influence over armed terrorist organizations to exert pressure on them to stop their violations of the disengagement zone and any activities that threaten the lives, security, and safety of United Nations personnel.
EAM and Chinese Foreign Minister both noted the challenge it had posed disengagement of troops at the face-off site through concerted diplomatic communications," he added.
Consistent with past research on athletes (Boardley and Kavussanu, 2010), we hypothesized that moral disengagement would mediate the effects of goal orientations on self-reported student misbehaviors in physical education.
Dr Earl said that he is planning a larger study on disengagement, involving more schools.
Key words: Burnout, Disengagement, Supervisor support, Project success
In this study, we examined the association between athlete-perceived coaching style and prosocial and antisocial behavior among Chinese athletes, and investigated the potential mediating roles of motivation and moral disengagement in this relationship.
This paper presents a comparative concept analysis on social isolation, loneliness, and disengagement to define each, and differentiates them from one another.
While self-dealing and other conflicts of interest clearly violate the duty of loyalty, when does a director's disengagement reach that level?
Release of the disengagement report was a positive step, but Google should also make public any video it has of the disengagement incidents.
The results of this study indicated that exhaustion and disengagement had a moderate negative impact on in-role performance.
22 (Petra)--UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, late Friday expressed deep concern over the serious violations of the Disengagement of Forces Agreement between Israel and Syria and urged them to de-escalate the situation .