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The UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), immediately liaised with the Israeli army and the Syrian Arab Armed Forces to de-escalate the situation, "which is currently quiet," the statement explained.
Since then, UNDOF has remained in the area to supervise the implementation of the disengagement agreement.
To nurture our present opportunity, President Bush proposed and the Quartet nations endorsed the appointment of James Wolfensohn as Special Envoy for Gaza Disengagement.
Bush maintained the importance of ensuring a peaceful and successful Gaza disengagement, set to begin in mid-August, as essential to the success of the comprehensive Middle East road map to maintain peace and stability in the region.
Regardless of whatever was done over 20 years ago with the Sinai settlements, and regardless of future intentions, the settler movement has made disengagement the critical test: Can Israel in fact leave the territories or not?
The Philippines stresses the impartiality of UNDOF and its mandate to monitor the Disengagement of Forces Agreement between Israel and Syria and strongly reiterates its call on all parties to respect the freedom of movement and safety and security of peacekeepers in UNDOF, DFA said.
Disengagement Observer Force, to which the detained peacekeepers belong, is mandated to monitor the Disengagement of Forces Agreement between Israel and Syria.
The policy that America is currently adopting is a policy of disengagement in the Middle East and anyone who thinks otherwise is mistaken.
The UN News Center on Friday reported that two peacekeepers had been wounded the previous day during "intense fighting in the area of separation monitored by the UN Disengagement Observer Force", RIA Novosti reported.
We observe that leaders can quickly and dramatically cause staff disengagement on their own.
As per contents of the report brought to light by a private TV channel that the order on disengagement of police mentioned by chief minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif in his affidavit has not been mentioned by Rana Sana Ullah and Tauqir Shah, former principal secretary to chief minister Punjab in their statements.
This allows a high level of flexibility in terms of disengagement torque as well as coupling size and design.