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When five types of disengaging area as shown in Figure 3 appeared, respectively, between the asphalt concrete layer and the waterproof layer, the stress values of the asphalt concrete layer which were calculated by the contact bonding model are listed in Table 5.
He said: "To those who believe that Britain is better served by disengaging, either from nearby trading partners, or from the pursuit of economic growth, I say that it is only if we deliver an open and enterprising economy that we will meet our aspirations, and it is only through growth that we will avoid becoming a Ruritanian backwater or a living museum."
During operation, centrifugal force prevents the knife from disengaging from the nut, even if the spring plate is forced downward by a foreign object.
Also, in varying publications, there are different signals for engaging and disengaging NWS.
Last Tuesday, I launched our Youth Engagement and Progression Framework Implementation Plan which marks a real shift in the way we will identify, support and meet the needs of those most at risk of disengaging.
"We have joint aims in terms of disengaging Lebanon from regional conflicts," Marouni said.