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There," said the Ferryman, hauling him ashore and disengaging him, "you are now in the City of Political Distinction.
asked the guard, disengaging one of the coach-lamps.
Here we are," Lute called out, disengaging herself.
murmured Bella, disengaging her arm, and covering her face with her hands.
In severe-duty applications, on/off fan drives are continually engaging and disengaging.
He said: "To those who believe that Britain is better served by disengaging, either from nearby trading partners, or from the pursuit of economic growth, I say that it is only if we deliver an open and enterprising economy that we will meet our aspirations, and it is only through growth that we will avoid becoming a Ruritanian backwater or a living museum.
During operation, centrifugal force prevents the knife from disengaging from the nut, even if the spring plate is forced downward by a foreign object.
Also, in varying publications, there are different signals for engaging and disengaging NWS.