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"Although the court's injunction is limited to the sale of the T&G's assets, it effectively precludes the sale of any of the New England Media Group assets, or at least substantially delays that sale while the parties to the transaction figure out how, operationally, to disentangle the newspaper so they can be separately owned,'' the newspapers' lawyer, Mark W.
He believes that a deeper understanding of the fundamental bases of the Hume-Rothery rules, especially electron concentration, might help disentangle some of the remaining puzzles evident in the stability mechanisms of increasingly complex alloys.
Although it is impossible to precisely disentangle all the factors contributing to the contraction in trade, there is no doubt that the crisis has had a strong impact, although the severe decline in international commodity prices and exchange rate fluctuations also played a role.
Epidemiologic evidence suggests that chronic stress may alter susceptibility to air pollution, but spatial confounding between these factors limits the utility of epidemiologic methods to disentangle these effects and investigate physiologic mechanisms.
He said: "I'm pleased to learn he can disentangle himself after the World Cup."
But efforts to disentangle the two trains are ongoing and there are fears more WRECKAGE OF TWO COMMUTER BELGIUM MONDAY, FEB.
Chol Wal, a rival of ex-speaker said in a speech delivered before the vote of no confidence against the former speaker Jodi Boyoris on Wednesday, that lawmakers should "disentangle [Jonglei] from being a den of insecurity." Wal campaigns today for the adoption of severe laws to punish the responsible of tribal violence adding that the assembly silence has been "part of insecurity" in the last four years.
One day an experienced worker decided she did not need help and tried to disentangle the threads.This made matters worse.
While Ozawa said he expects Putin to deal with the territorial row given his strong leadership, the Russian premier replied that the two countries ''need to be patient, respect each other and make efforts to disentangle knots little by little.''
It took 320 such measurements spread over 18 years to disentangle the effects of all five orbiting bodies.
Ali Ansari, a Briton of Iranian origin, argues that the crisis is a symptom of broader, long-term fissures in US-Iranian relations, and in Confronting Iran he seeks to disentangle the myths surrounding this gulf in understanding which is compounded by the nature of the two countries, their foreign policy establishments and the fraught history of their relations since the 1979 revolution.
Vector autoregressions (VARs) try to disentangle these factors and show the impact of an exogenous funds rate increase on output and inflation.