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In the other solution, an excessive level of shear has been used on purpose through extended stirring to provide a solution referred to as disentangled PEO.
The one-liner cannot be disentangled from the thicket of a visual riddle.
But while the authors explain how governance of income support has been disentangled in both policy framework and implementation terms, they present little information about the impacts of these changes on the increasing percentage of workers not covered by either EI or provincial social assistance.
A I THINK I've just about disentangled this sad and sorry tale.
With flashing, the complexity of onboard electrics and electronics can be disentangled, making it possible to develop, produce or service hardware and software separately from each other," says Dr.
Your car careered across the motorway until it disentangled itself from the scooter.
Grimandi, who leaned into Jeremies with an elbow and crashed to the ground as they became disentangled, was booked for diving.
Tabaksblat suggested that other avenues should now be pursued in a spirit of deregulation, and that complex issues should be disentangled so that Eurocrats can make progress on some of them, at least.
The dense network of cultural affairs at the Prague court is disentangled in Kaufmann's interesting discussion of the events surrounding the entry of Rudolf II in Vienna in 1577.
In the rubbery region, the crosslinks function in the same manner as entanglements; except that they are permanent, and are not disentangled by Brownian motion.
To say that genetic and environmental effects interact and therefore cannot be disentangled is wrong," he states.
The solution to this dilemma do not lie in previously articulated cosmopolitan and communitarian democratic responses, which make similar mistakes, but in a conceptualization of democracy as human rights in which the core democratic principles of universal equality and freedom are disentangled from sovereignty.