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Cracking within plastics occurs as a response to stress; it takes place as a stress-relief mechanism through disentanglement of the polymer chains.
It lowers the cohesive forces which maintain the tie molecules in the crystallites, thus facilitating their "pull-out" and disentanglement from the lamellae [24].
So over the past ten years, working with a company called Paxarms NZ, we've developed a dart gun and evolved an approach whereby you can deliver sedatives to a right whale that isn't very approachable--to change its behavior such that it no longer minds being approached by a boat, and then the disentanglement crew can get in to remove the gear.
Greene started to assemble the disentanglement gear.
This desire for disentanglement is undermined by the novel as it shows the impossibility of overcoming animal traits in all characters, including Beast-Folk and their British masters.
Researchers in the field have thus far successfully controlled amplitude and phase damping noises that cause disentanglement.
More important than bin Laden's fate in shaping the West's disentanglement from Afghanistan may be the speed in which it can develop a capable local fighting force.
North and South Sudan are currently engaged in floundering talks over a wide-array of issues related to the disentanglement of the two states, including citizenship, sharing of oil revenues and external debts.
This involves creating a disentanglement team to identify cross-company interdependencies and plan for their resolution.
Though the incoming Conservative government continued the gas tax and GST rebates, it was clear that the rubric of "open federalism" and disentanglement meant there would be a different paradigm for federal involvement in urban issues.
Dynamic shear testing offers a faster, more accurate representation of the adhesives ability to resist polymer disentanglement, the company says.
Separation and disentanglement can be a long, protracted and painful process; just ask the various parties who were involved in the high-definition DVD format war.