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It was mainly because that the chain disentanglement was enhanced rapidly with the increasing [?
Second, she identifies and furthers the subsequent process of necessary disentanglement by calling on the resources of feminist and Asian theologies to construct a trinitarian "particularist model for [a] postcolonial theology of religions" (9).
Their topics include the aesthete as revolutionary: saving art from politics, reading Gao Xingjian's treatment of freedom in Soul Mountain and One Man's Bible in the Sartrean framework, Wild Man and the idea of freedom, the artistic world in his play Hades, multivocality as a critique of reality in The Man Who Questions Death, an exile's disentanglement from obsession in his novels, and The Man Who Questions Death and the tragedy of modern man.
4] concluded that the mechanism of slow crack growth involves the disentanglement of the tie molecules from the crystals.
As this strategy evolves, we are likely to see a disentanglement of traditional branch functions into specialized units such as standalone drive-ins and ATMs; extended-hours advisory service locations; shared or movable locations; technology-equipped roving sales specialists; and many other lower cost, higher productivity concepts.
The samples were examined with an interval of 1 min for determination about disentanglement.
One of the principal strengths of this book is this kind of disentanglement, made possible because from the start Principe makes every effort to interpret his sources according to the visions and expectations of their authors, rather than, as he puts it, "projecting our own knowledge and expectations on to the past as measures of its value" (42).
Behrend focuses her contribution on the 'processes of disentanglement, rejection and withdrawal from global media, as well as the creation of new opacities and secrecies that have been largely ignored by scholars' (p.
On the other hand, the increasing disentanglement of politics and finance in early twentieth-century, public political discourse created a number of stresses for the global economy which need not have resulted in Pearson's divestment of his by then mostly Mexican oil holdings.
They went out and had two disentanglement attempts that were unsuccessful because she was very evasive, and at that point they asked Michael and his team to administer a light sedative.
As Yemen finds itself in the middle of its own transitional government, the Arab nation is closely watching Egypt's disentanglement from post-revolution President Mohamed Morsi, whose Muslim Brotherhood affiliated government was removed from power on July 3 by Egypt's army following days of protests.
When that happens, disentanglement teams will ride out to try to cut the whale loose.