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Ellis wants to believe this because, in seeking to debunk the whole wonderfully weird literature of Atlantology, before he can disenthrall us from the Thera-Was-Atlantis thesis (all that bull-jumping monkey business, gone up in smoke or down in salty solutions), he must demystify the Platonic dialogues that got us fantasizing in the first place.
But there come times - perhaps this is one of them - when we have to take ourselves more seriously or die; when we have to pull back from the incantations, rhythms we've moved to thoughtlessly, and disenthrall ourselves, bestow ourselves to silence, or a severer listening, cleansed of oratory, formulas, choruses, laments, static crowding the wires.
Using the taboo phrase "human equality," Smith twice on the opening page argues that the cause is not simply an end to bondage: "The real object of that movement is not only to disenthrall, it is, also, to bestow upon the negro the exercise of all those rights, from the possession of which he has been so long debarred" (xvii).
It's the resilience of the Southern order and the similarities between the Old South and the New that are most surprising--at least, until we disenthrall ourselves from a sanitized understanding of that Old South.
If Democrats can disenthrall themselves from Wall Street and its contributions, they may win back some of the white working class yet.
diplomacy, and urges Americans to disenthrall themselves of them.
Disenthrall is a rather strong word to use against the past on a day of national piety.
To explore elongations from the compass of Timescape, the first challenge is to disenthrall yourself from a linear mode of attention.
It's time for Democrats to disenthrall themselves from their routine conciliation of interests that have become profoundly opposed.