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states' commitment to disestablish meant that the ground had
bound up with the commitment to disestablish, on the one hand, and the
to do this is for S to disestablish another deficient school district,
districts that a state could realistically disestablish.
prefers to disestablish, a potentially targeted district may undertake
Facing a federal demand to disestablish nevertheless, the
If a state prefers to disestablish a particular district
37) Any effort by Congress to enforce the Free Exercise Clause, he breezes, would disestablish religion, and anything that disestablishes religion violates the Establishment Clause, and Congress cannot do anything under Section 5 that violates another constitutional provision.
Responding to an earlier incarnation of the argument that an antidisestablishmentarian principle survived and even trumped the Fourteenth Amendment -- that incorporation of the Establishment Clause against the states via the Fourteenth Amendment was "conceptually impossible because the Framers meant the Establishment Clause also to foreclose any attempt by Congress to disestablish the existing official state churches," Schempp, 374 U.
statute could be seen as an attempt to disestablish religion within the
The following day--one month after the board decided to disestablish the position--it revoked that decision and retained the DoN role.