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NICK: Do you think that we are able to do things today as disestablished communities of faith that we could not do as established ones?
Neuhaus claimed, Christianity has been largely disestablished in Canada, then a spiritual void has been created.
Conceptually, it was determined that TCMs would not be disestablished and continue to provide intensive DOTMLPF oversight of assigned systems as well modular BCTs.
As a further move toward integration and commonality, in 1993, PMA253 was formally disestablished and all of its TACAIR components were assimilated into PMA272.
Gustafson's charge that postliberalism threatens to turn God into "a tribal God of a minority of the world's population" (Gustafson 1985, 92) may both contain kernels of truth: the former in postliberalism's original context of the disestablished North, the latter in the new South.
Since the Church has not been disestablished, it means that bigots and barmpots have places in the House of Lords, which are denied those of other faiths.
Each of these state churches persisted at least 20 years into the Constitutional Era; and the last was not disestablished (by the state itself - not the national government) until 1833.
The AWC's Peacekeeping Institute will be disestablished, and its missions and functions transferred to TRADOC.
Religion was losing public recognition as true and becoming legally, socially, and intellectually disestablished, a matter of private feeling and preference.
As a result, the DCS, Communications and Information (AF/SC) was disestablished.
Mr Jones said: "In Wales, we disestablished the church almost 100 years ago and I strongly contest the Archbishop's implication that the Welsh lack honesty, faithfulness, respect and love of neighbour.
Historically, one could argue that the Church in Wales, disestablished in 1920, is the mother church of Canterbury.