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This went beyond the protection of religiously, reformed conscience (the first half of the religion question) to the unitary concept of voluntaryism and disestablishmentarianism (the second half of the religion question).
United in their disdain for the historically established Anglican Church and their belief in religious freedom as a natural right, "infidels" (mostly Jefferson) and the devoutly consecrated Presbyterians and Baptists--with perhaps Madison somewhere in between (108)--joined in a battle against a broad-based tax in support of religion that stimulated thoughtful and eminently quotable apologies for religious liberty and disestablishmentarianism. Their effect on the unfortunate Mr.
To call for protection of religious diversity and religious minorities against state favoritism of dominant religious practices is the very essence of disestablishmentarianism.
about "disestablishmentarianism"--about removing the privileged
He credited the Puritan divine Byfeld with incircumscriptibleness, Doctor Benson with antidisestablishmentarians, and William Gladstone with disestablishmentarianism. He also cited the chemical terms paraoxymentamethoxyallylbenzene and tetrahydroparamethyloxyquinoline.
Disestablishmentarianism. I suspect that this will be longest word you read in the newspaper today.