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I will use "favor" to signify any sort of pro-attitude, and "disfavor" any sort of con-attitude.
Some of the reasons have to do with the history of politics wherein kings and other rulers were expected to treat their subjects similarly, without favor to some of them and disfavor to others.
Several states have lifted or even eliminated caps on charter schools after learning that the DOE would look with disfavor on states that had them, and as in California, officials in Wisconsin, New York and Nevada are considering what to do with their own state laws prohibiting the use of test data to evaluate teachers.
That approach fell into disfavor, however, when a meta-analysis of 19 randomized controlled trials involving more than 135,000 participants found that vitamin E supplementation for at least 1 year at doses greater than 400 IU / day was associated with increased all-cause mortality (Ann.
Pavlik and her associates undertook their analysis based on patients who were taking vitamin E during the time before highdoes vitamin E fell into disfavor.
In addition, I really disfavor a long complicated set of departure instructions thrown in with the takeoff clearance, such as: "November 12X, leaving 1000 turn right heading 250 until leaving 2000 then further right 350; amend altitude maintain 3000 till further advised; cleared for immediate takeoff, wind 220 at 20, gusting 29."
However, with the current turmoil in the mortgage markets, piggybacks and other exotic, high-risk loans have fallen into disfavor. Best-Selling Writers Top five writers of mortgage guaranty insurance in the U.S.
By the time she grew old enough to marry, John Smith had fallen into disfavor and disappeared from her life; and the settlers had barely survived many changes in leadership and adapting to life in America.
As a Navy chaplain, I once experienced much disfavor among other chaplaIns in Vietnam when I pondered among them, "What rank do you think Christ would have worn?" My experience has been that chaplains for the most part are vigorous sycophants for war, to a degree even embarrassing to some of our most war-advocatIng corporate generals.
A proposed acquisition of ADVO drew the market's disfavor and the stock dropped from $24 to $18 since early July.
Legally, the courts disfavor the use of race unless (as in Gautreaux), race is used as a direct remedy to documented discrimination.
Loehe tried to mediate a dispute between Walther and Grabau and earned disfavor from supporters of both sides!