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Interlocutory appeals are generally disfavored because they undermine the independence of the trial judge, expose the parties to harassment and the burdensome costs of a succession of separate appeals, promote delay, and require the unnecessary expenditure of scare judicial resources.
Collateral agreements are generally disfavored because of the resources and difficulty required to monitor them.
The Galapagos seemed especially disfavored in this regard, populated only by birds and reptiles--the Maker's lowest handiwork, as readers of Genesis know.
Taken to its logical conclusion, refusing to subject a tax on political speech to heightened scrutiny unless it disfavored particular viewpoints would allow the state to impose a tax so great that it could effectively destroy the right to petition one's government, as long as the tax burdened all viewpoints equally.
Option-only, long-term incentive programs in a disfavored industry.
But the Supreme Court has nonetheless affirmed that once government decides to provide funding, it has no fight to impose "a penalty on disfavored viewpoints.
Instances of arbitrary or discriminatory enforcement of the ordinance, like any other law, are best addressed when (and if) they arise, rather than prophylactically through the disfavored mechanism of a facial challenge on vagueness grounds.
For example, shared rooms, a common feature of other health care facilities, are disfavored in assisted living.
performed the disfavored chemical maneuver anyway with the help of a new catalytic antibody.
3% of respondents favored more-detailed disclosure of such plans, and none disfavored additional disclosure.
He concluded, "Not only does the Act not materially advance the state's stated interest, but it appears to discriminate against a disfavored 'newcomer' in the world of entertainment media.