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Wendyll Woods' use of the whip on Top Nolans found disfavour with the stewards.
The report notes that increased competition on cost grounds alone is still likely to disfavour renewable electricity.
Some individuals and minorities may, on a given occasion, sit in disfavour with the majority opinion.
He added: "Helen Liddell clearly attracted disfavour from Labour campaign forces during the election .
It is quite correct that they had not committed any Jockey Club offence, but their game plan backfired, and the majority of the punters made it quite clear that they viewed their actions with disfavour.
Summary: Commission also disfavours provision of parties not requiring to disclose their funding through electoral bonds
At present, there is an imbalance that disfavours exporters of fresh produce, fish and meat from the western coast of South America and tens of thousands of containers are transported empty to South America from Asia and elsewhere.
Of course the fact that it's got two stellar actors at its helm won't do it any disfavours.