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His four recent publications are: (with Marcus Novaes) Intensive Spatium and the Construction of Child Subjectivities in Brazilian Cinema, a chapter of the book Space and Subjectivity in Contemporary Brazilian Cinema, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017; (with David Martin-Jones) Powers of the False, Identity, and Identification in Contemporary Brazilian Comedies: Contributions to Curriculum Studies?, a paper published in AERA Online Paper Repository, San Antonio, 2017; the paper Audiovisual Compositions and Curriculum: Lines of Freedom, Didasc@alia: Didactica y Educacion, 7 (3), 55-68, 2016; and Curriculum Disfiguration, a chapter in William Pinar's edited book Curriculum Studies in Brazil.
Summary of alternative medicine Perceptions to receive Agreed Not Agreed alternative medicine (n=116) %(n) %(n) 1.No need of operation 92.24%(107) 7.76%(9) 2.Lump would be small 97.41%(113) 2.58%(3) 3.Modern treatment not effective 14.65%(17) 85.34%(99) 4.Less amount of money required 57.76%(67) 42.24%(49) 5.Rapid relief of sufferings 22.42%(26) 77.58%(90) 6.Impression - others might 92.24%(107) 7.76%(9) have cured 7.To avoid disfiguration 88.79%(103) 11.21%(13) Explanation to receive alternative medicine (n=111) Frequency (n) Percentage% By homeopathy it would be small 32 28.82 Fear of operation 27 24.32 Homeopathy doctor challenged 27 24.32 that it would be cured Less amount of money required 17 15.31 Casually treated by homeopathy 8 7.23 Table 4.
the beautiful, silent disfiguration which is the radically other.
Injuries classified as grievous as per IPC 320 include those causing--permanent privation (loss) of sight of either eye, permanent disfiguration of head or face, fracture or dislocation of bone or tooth; or five other factors.
The Disfiguration of the self: Dead Inside, an artist book and an exhibition of Sao Trindade
Subsequently covering of the graft by pectoralis muscles was not possible and therefore breast tissue was approximated in midline for covering the graft and skin repairing was performed without any breast disfiguration. Bilateral chest tubes were inserted and wide spectrum antibiotics were administered.
They do not require anticoagulation and surgical intervention is unnecessary unless there is disfiguration related to lesion progression [2, 7].
This case highlights the importance of early recognition of drug complications, which may prevent permanent disfiguration and discomfort.
Reda's face and head were severely burned, leaving her with permanent disfiguration and social rejection by her peers.
perhaps also at work inMutu's disfiguration of this being's
(1) Finally, in writing of the scandalous disfiguration of various religious images in Rome, he declares: "calamitoso siglo es este" (3).