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I had to two in my "The following day my face was disfigured badly.
Machakos county commissioner Esther Maina said yesterday it took more time for the National Integrated Identification Management System kit to capture details of those with disfigured fingers.
Ms Rainford's partner Simon Wetherall said: "Despite all the reassurances we gave her, Tina became more and more convinced that she was disfigured and this was simply not the case."
Dubai: Three tourists were sentenced to six months in jail each, for beating up a taxi driver and leaving him with a permanently disfigured nose during a heated argument.
I sometimes joked with my son that my face is disfigured and would he still be ok to take me to his school for parent-teacher meeting?
LAHORE -- Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has said advocates of change have disfigured the face of old Pakistan in their province.
Two women in Massachusetts are facing multiple charges after they allegedly tied down and burned a five-year-old girl as a part of a voodoo ritual, which left the child permanently disfigured, reports said Saturday.
Both women suffered facial burns, but were not permanently disfigured, in the attacks.
Disfigured with 'If you had any decency, you would end the divorce as soon as possible,' Colin wrote in July 2016.
A young woman disfigured in an acid attack in Esfahan in 2014 has just gotten married, sparking widespread positive reactions in Iran's social media.