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56) Holmes's approach to Giles makes more sense if observers assume that whites in Alabama were already united in a conspiracy to disfranchise nonwhites, and were willing to go to any lengths necessary to achieve this disfranchisement.
He boldly admitted that the purpose of the 1895 South Carolina constitution was to disfranchise African Americans.
The proposed amendment should appeal to civil rights backers who realize that the decentralized protection of the right to vote hurts people of color--allowing states to disfranchise ex-felons and maintaining election administration practices that lead to a highly disproportionate loss of votes from communities of color.
Knox, the former chairman of the State Democratic Executive Committee who had presided over the constitutional convention, admitted that the "true philosophy of the movement" had been to disfranchise blacks and poor whites in order to "place the power of government in the hands of the intelligent and virtuous" (quoted on p.
This refusal to register the blacks was part of a general scheme to disfranchise them .
The bill would have expressed the sense of Congress that it: would condemn election procedures that dilute and disfranchise the minority vote and any person acting under color of law or intimidating, or denying eligible persons the right to vote; would recognize the importance of the 15th amendment; and would reaffirm its commitment to the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
33] When Pennsylvania's Constitution was revised in 1838 to disfranchise free black men in the name of expanding white manhood suffrage, young black male reformers leapt forward to challenge it.
Now we submit that by the same course of reasoning these gentlemen might speedily and completely disfranchise themselves and not allow themselves to vote for a member of the Legislature or indeed any other officers.
It's unlikely that African-American voters in Florida (and perhaps elsewhere) will forget what many consider to be a Bush-led Republican effort to disfranchise their community.