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Disfranchised by the poll tax and lulled into apathy, they could neither articulate their aspirations nor vote their interests.
Massachusetts, in 1664, and later, New Hampshire, required non-church members applying for the franchise to be 'not vicious in life'; Plymouth disfranchised 'liars, drunkards, swearers,' and those refusing to take the oath of fidelity to the government; and Rhode Island required 'obedience to the civil magistrate' as well as 'civil conversation' of potential freemen.
Scapegoating refugees as responsible for all the social and economic ills, often in reality preceding the refugee arrivals, often fuels resentment of an already disfranchised populace within the host population who might perceive neighbouring "enemy" citizens on their territory as foreign and undesirable.
The handling of the economy will ultimately make or break the relationship between Egypt's new rulers and its people -- most of whom are not only politically disfranchised, but economically marginalized as well.
The county would conduct its electoral affairs under a cloud of suspicion, carrying the burden of proof to demonstrate an absence of discrimination, even though it had never deliberately disfranchised minority voters.
However, the objection that someone who is not the most deserving may receive the prize should not stand in the way of a program that can make a significant difference for the poor and disfranchised.
Therefore, even as the sound-effect panel, like word-balloons, makes visible non-visible sounds, so the tags were the means by which the "invisible autographed the world" (93), the disfranchised trying to draw themselves into the panel, or to come into frame.
If the calculus of sectionalism takes account of the vast energy that these disfranchised advocates of abolition brought to the public sphere outside the formal structure of electoral politics, then the primacy of party over section begins to look less certain, even in 1848.
He oriented himself toward helping to transform America in ways that would aid the cause of the downtrodden, the dispossessed, and the disfranchised.
Child and Family court made an exemplary decision against violence in family and disfranchised rights of the husband who inflicted violence on his former wife, from seeing his children.
The fact that the citizens of the country were for so long, in the South in particular, oppressed and completely disfranchised, undoubtedly explains a great deal of what is happening now.
Had Ward engaged this expanded world, he would have had the opportunity to consider an additional facet of the evangelical ethos, namely the missionary emphasis upon bringing salvation to those frequently judged unfit for conversion, be they the disfranchised classes or the uncivilized natives in the colonies.