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NSE's former MD and CEO Ravi Narain has been directed to disgorge 25 per cent of his salary drawn for FY 2010-11 to 2012-13 to the IPEF within 45 days.
Merrill Lynch will pay a $5.5M fine, and disgorge $490,530 it earned as revenue from the sales.
It was aimed at easing congestion in Metro Manila through the creation of intermodal hubs where provincial buses would disgorge passengers to transfer to other in-city modes of transport such as elevated railways, city buses and UV Express vans.
The new filing requests that the court order AEU Holdings LLC, Black Wolf Consulting Inc., Maynor, Goldberg, Satler, Veritas, LaMantia, and D'Iorio to restore losses to the MEWA and participating plans caused by their fiduciary breaches, and disgorge all profits and fees.
Opening scenes find him toiling through the alimentary canal of a worm the length of many football fields in search of a client's lost bracelet, all the while keeping up a lively, freewheeling internal monologue that touches on everything from the volume of mush a worm can disgorge to the competitive nature of intergalactic sex.
'Firms will be held to account if they fail to minimise financial crime risks appropriately and for this reason the FCA has required Barclays to disgorge its revenue from the transaction.'
Joe agreed to pay a $2.75 million civil penalty, and Greene agreed to pay a $120,000 penalty and disgorge ill-gotten gains of $400,000 plus prejudgment interest.
Sebi orders 10 entities linked to Raju to disgorge more than ` 1,800 crore worth of illegal gains made by them
It also prohibits them from making any other misleading or unsubstantiated health claims about a product or service, and requires them to disgorge $3,930.
The noise in the market starts in the early hours of the morning when fishermen arrive at the docks and disgorge their catch.
"Canada should therefore be required to disgorge the benefits it has received as a result of its misconduct." It is estimated the cost to bring the reserves' water facilities up to federal standards is about $1.2 billion, with another $470 million a year for maintenance.