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On that day, I sat on my father's knee as he told me that never again would there be war and the scenes we were witnessing - as concentration camps disgorged and emaciated prisoners of war came home - would be banished to memory.
Supplied by a transfer from a Treasury account for disgorged profits and penalties, the fund will also finance the SEC Inspector General's suggestion program, which lets SEC employees recommend agency improvements and report alleged misconduct
First in Sicily, hours before landing barges disgorged infantry, were our paratroopers, landing via chute is like jumping from a fifteen-foot height.
After discovering an ancient key in her room, and catching a stone disgorged by a friendly toad, Hannah is joined by three children from the village.
Can there be anything worse than preparing a wonderful meal for your husband then finding that he's disgorged every morsel down the toilet?
Now, I'm no expert but cannot see how they can separate broken glass from pulped paper after the wagon has disgorged its load at the depot.
A football-shaped cooler disgorged ropes (for jumping), clothes (donned), and towels (with which Meier directed the dancers to make a beautiful mosaic).
The former imagines a postgravity sky littered with drifting tract homes and disgorged possessions, while the latter subjects items in his apartment to the same unusual circumstance.
I would have thought that funds and/or assets that are covered by a freeze order must be disgorged because they were transferred in violation of the order, regardless of whether the recipient was aware of the order," Karson said.
The small amount of preliminary work on the site has already disgorged much ancient flotsam which has drifted ashore, while the remainder will vanish under concrete forever.
If they are volcanic, then they are most likely to be flows of water, melted from Titan's thick water-ice crust and disgorged onto the surface.