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1% more bauxite ore than it did in 2000, disgorging over 12 million tons in the period under review.
Dr Dieudonne Wafulah said he recognised all the signs of the imminent eruption - the earthquakes, the smoke and the change in the crater 's shape - and on January 8 began sending urgent e-mails to other experts around the world appealing for funds to launch a survey mission And on January 17, just minutes after he had picked up the funds to launch a survey team, he learned that 11,381ft Nyiragongo was disgorging hundreds of millions of cubic metres of lava onto Goma, 12 miles away and home to half a million people.
but all revealed itself in a flurry of red faces and nervous smiles as the lift eventually came down disgorging the inmates into a purple, silver and cream auditorium.
If the unprecedented cultural mix of today's wired universe has rendered history irrelevant to younger generations, Shaw's visual bulimia--more about disgorging than generating--is, ironically, a panegyric to the myriad culture that has already been produced.
Sitting in Toronto's NFB offices, located across the street from MuchMusic, Starr became intrigued by the endless parade of limousines disgorging the latest music stars into the MuchMusic "environment.
The cruise ships dock here, disgorging legions of passengers who then choke the streets looking for leather goods and T-shirts.
The clouds formed, then popped, disgorging hideous monsters - skeletal beings dragging pieces of purple and black matter that at one time might have been portions of their bodies; strings of eyeballs trailed behind them on the ground as they capered and slid down the pyre, eagerly grabbing at one of the humans still chained to the ground.
As the boys and their fathers, plus two serpentine females (Karine Plantadit-Bageot and Dwana Smallwood), swung through its beams, the house seemed to become an octopus, alternately sucking them in and disgorging them.
Passengers disgorging from the lift are faced with the sight of the bustling kitchen and the oddly dressed waiters.
Company is Cooperating in Federal Investigation and Disgorging $2.
Any additional benefit (Pse) is imposed under this contract: it is the integration solution based on the provision of rental disgorging.
As there are some very large planes now disgorging a full complement of passengers, combined with all the charter planes, sometimes it takes more than 10 minutes just queuing to get through the exits (car park rage will escalate).