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you have not only disgraced yourself, but your friends, by this shameless conduct, Bless me
The huge white figure lobbed off at a trot which would not have disgraced a boy of seventeen.
From you nater 'tis my belief you've disgraced yourselves more than any o' us, and was kings and queens outright at one time.
Why should she slink about as if it were she who had disgraced herself?
No relations will be disgraced by me or made unhappy for me, and--and that's all I've got to say.
Emily was thinking of her memorable conversation with the disgraced teacher on her last night at school.
You will read of how he was disgraced and imprisoned.
Yes, I sent Luke directly they'd put the bailies in, and your aunt Pullet's been--and, oh dear, oh dear, she cries so and says your father's disgraced my family and made it the talk o' the country; and she'll buy the spotted cloths for herself, because she's never had so many as she wanted o' that pattern, and they sha'n't go to strangers, but she's got more checks a'ready nor she can do with.
Let's put it this way: Disgraced Former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski ain't exactly a poster child for intelligent investing, especially when it comes to seagoing vessels.
DISGRACED judge Heather Perrin faces a probe into claims she tried to pocket [euro]40,000 from a Church property deal.
This insurance entitles companies to reimbursement for money paid to secure the disgraced celebrity's endorsement, hire a substitute spokesperson, reshoot or reproduce the advertising material, and remove the spokesperson's image from product packaging.
St Cuthbert's Society from Durham University will not be allowed to play for the remainder of the term after a social night inspired by the disgraced former BBC presenter.