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DISGRACE. Ignominy, shame, dishonor. No witness is required to disgrace himself. 13 How. St. Tr. 17, 334; 16 How. St. Tr. 161. Vide Crimination; To Degrade.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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First, Disgraced Former Tyco CEO Dennis was forced, back in 2006, to sell off the 130-foot yacht The Endeavour--built Jo compete in the 1934 America's Cup--for $13.1 million, to help pay his, er, legal obligations.
And both are moving commentaries on the price of assimilationor in the case of Disgraced, its limits.
Disgraced DJ Savile is the subject of hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse.
Asked on the BBC's Question Time last night if she had been disgraced, Ms Smith replied: "Yes I think to a certain extent I have been.
However, given that De Santis has been disgraced and was taking orders from a Juventus director, it's hardly an outrage.
DISGRACED Tory peer Lord Archer will today propose a ``draconian'' change to prison rules,denying parole to illiterate inmates unless they learn to read and write.
But the Springbok rugby side has once again disgraced the nation.
Even as the financial scandals surrounding the likes of Enron and Tyco International play out in criminal courts, universities around the nation are grappling with an odd bit of fallout: what to do with buildings and endowed chairs named for disgraced business leaders.
Francis Wills, the fictitious narrator and the world's foremost authority on bird song, published a definitive study of nightingale song and then was disgraced by the outcry of antivivisectionists.
17 ( ANI ): Pakistani-American Ayad Akhtar's play 'Disgraced', which centers on the themes of racism, Islamophobia, sexism and apostasy, has won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.