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Now it turns out the hull of another yacht our seagoing Disgraced Former Tyco CEO was hoping to build back in the day--a 147-foot job, no less--sits in a Maramoneck, N.
Disgraced DJ Savile is the subject of hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse.
Firefighters, disgusted at their disgraced ex-chief's pension pay day, claim his pay-out is typical of the "them and us" culture in the brigade where senior officers get preferential treatment to mere fire fighters.
MP'S DOWNFALL: disgraced Tory MP for Old Bexley and Sidcup Derek Conway - "should be escorted from the House"
However, given that De Santis has been disgraced and was taking orders from a Juventus director, it's hardly an outrage.
Meanwhile 12 more disgraced England fans arrived home last night at Heathrow Airport in two separate flights.
But the Springbok rugby side has once again disgraced the nation.
Even as the financial scandals surrounding the likes of Enron and Tyco International play out in criminal courts, universities around the nation are grappling with an odd bit of fallout: what to do with buildings and endowed chairs named for disgraced business leaders.
Earlier on Friday night millions of viewers had watched her and Deayton clash after he kept referring to her husband Neil as "the disgraced former Tory minister".
Francis Wills, the fictitious narrator and the world's foremost authority on bird song, published a definitive study of nightingale song and then was disgraced by the outcry of antivivisectionists.
SMIRKING for the camera, disgraced MP David Laws took his seat back in the cabinet yesterday to a chorus of outrage.