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Prominent among the disgruntled leaders and workers included Haris Khan Toru, Kalimullah, Abdus Sattar and Mujahid Bacha.
The disgruntled leaders demanded formation of a transparent parliamentary board and review of decisions made pertaining to the distribution of party tickets.
In Sambrial tehsil, the Ghuman family was also facing very strong criticism by the local disgruntled PTI candidates and workers as the family has got party tickets for the tehsil's both national and provincial assembly seats.
"Disgruntled" complains about losing World Heritage Status and his views of the River Mersey being obstructed;, he criticises the Arena, a venue that attracts world-class artists and forgets to mention the thousands of jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector that the Arena, Exhibition and Convention Centres provide.
We know our rights," added another disgruntled teacher.
The chief minister said the current government's positive policies had convinced the disgruntled youths to surrender arms and join mainstream to play their role in the development of Balochistan and the country.
Former three-times MPA of PML-N Ch Munawar Ali Gill became disgruntled when the PML-N leadership dropped him out and not awarded party ticket to him as PML-N candidate from his native constituency of Pasrur city for July 25, 2018 general elections.
'Everyone's respect is in their hands, don't ruin yours,' added the disgruntled lawmaker from Karachi before leaving the Whatsapp group.
Sanders also says, "It's sad that a disgruntled former White House employee is trying to profit off these false attacks." She's criticizing the media for giving her a platform.
The disgruntled PML-N leader will be contesting elections from constituencies NA-63, NA-59, PP-10 and PP-12.
The disgruntled PML-N leader was speaking to a local news outlet, where he alleged that PML-N gave tickets to those who verbally abused Nawaz.
The disgruntled PML-N leader was speaking to media, where he alleged that the PML-N gave tickets to 'those who verbally abused Nawaz'.