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The public thus are being run dry and government now must rely on their muscle power to subdue the disgruntlements. A willing media may cover this up for the moment but the momentum of disorder is only to gain.
Said Sefa, editor of the news site Haberdar and one of the keen observers of the party since its foundation (and whose family elders are among the party's founders), commented on the "disgruntlement of the grey-haired" as such:
He told Utrinski vesnik Monday there was widespread disgruntlement in BDI which was the reason why, he said, they decided to form a new political entity.
I love their air of machismo, their swagger and that permanent expression of disgruntlement.
The protest united supporters of both the BSP and nationalist Ataka with hundreds also using the occasion to vent their disgruntlement at NATO's plans to set up a command center in Bulgaria.
If bravado or some other sense of disgruntlement at the BHA action swayed him to run in such circumstances, then he could surely not quibble if a far heavier punishment arose than the withdrawal of his right to self-certification.
According to the BBC, the 2012 Olympic silver medallist voiced his disgruntlement over Gay's apparently lenient treatment over Twitter, saying that although an athlete can take certain cold remedies and face serious suspensions, he however, is banned for only a year despite failing tests for testosterone.
As a paying customer I was entitled to express my disgruntlement. As a critic one has a duty to stay to the (possibly bitter) end.
This has generated an impact whose repercussions cannot be underestimated, as it reflects an irregular case of democratic action and reveals true disgruntlement affecting all the facets of its performance.
Lucy Woodhouse Haughey said: "Living standards are dropping due to people making the wrong choices based on a lack of good upbringing, quality modern money advice and a general sense of disgruntlement."
HERE will be no end of disgruntlement over the Tproposed erection of 6,000 houses on green belt in the Newcastle City council area.
"Unfortunately, Mursi failed to give a good answer to people's demands both on domestic and foreign levels, and this failure resulted in people's disgruntlement," Sheikholeslam said on Thursday.