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Unlike his other potential prey, which scarpered quickly despite his disguises, the pizza doesn't move, so it looks like the masterful Hoot Owl will get his meal after all.
Disguise features in many early modern plays, more so in fact than in any body of drama before or since.
Painted in swirling black and white shapes designed to disguise its body lines, this pre-production version of the company's new flagship XJ luxury sports saloon was photographed on the road somewhere in Warwickshire.
They were to consider background and how that would enhance the depiction of camouflage, signaling or disguise.
tilt backwards) your racket face substantially to produce underspin, but try to do it at the last split-second for disguise.
To help disguise Ellen, William bought her dark green eyeglasses and a tall beaver hat.
Cats enjoy meaty and salty flavors like fish, shrimp, and liver to disguise their herbs.
Real Estate recently brokered a five-and-a-half-year, 11,731 s/f lease at 1115 Broadway, also known as Toy Tower 25, for Disguise, Inc.
Reckless daring was held to be loyal courage; prudent delay was the excuse of a coward; moderation was the disguise of unmanly weakness; to know everything was to do nothing.
The women are separated from each other by a wooden frame; their bodies are cut off at the waist, as if they'd pulled off a conjuring trick or been punished for attempting disguise.
It is nothing extraordinary, then, when his servants disguise themselves as the servants of uprightness.