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Ms McMillan said holidaymakers may have assumed it was legal to bring back certain items, and that those disguised as other items may have "inadvertently" made it through customs undetected.
Hunting had an electric stun gun, disguised as a mobile phone, a knuckle duster and extendable baton, London's Appeal Court heard.
Lewis Dungey, 22, from Hemlington, was caught with a pepper spray disguised as a pen.
On Sunday, a senior popular forces commander announced that the ISIL terrorists had disguised as ordinary people in Sharqat front in the Northern part of Salahuddin province as Iraqi forces were making rapid advances there.
We spoke to Gavin, who disguised a trip to Thailand with the boys as Army training at the top of Snowden.
There are many types of disguised remuneration schemes.
When questioned by presiding judge Anwar Mahmoud if he had disguised himself as a female, the Briton said he wasn't wearing a disguise, and that the dress he was seen in is his normal attire.
But despite the fact he is the full-time carer for his poorly partner and his daughter, Robinson faced a mandatory five-year sentence for possessing disguised firearms.
Many Bahrain policy-makers focus on unemployment and ignore 'disguised unemployment' which is more dangerous than the former one.
According to Eduardo Halfon, "All literature is fiction disguised as memoir.
The disguised ruler in Shakespeare and his contemporaries.
SANA'A, July 22 -- The Interior Ministry said Saturday that it detected a terrorist plot aimed to attack military, security and checkpoint locations, with militants disguised in military uniforms.