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New Delhi [India], Mar 10 ( ANI ): Nawazuddin Siddiqui is seemingly disgusted by the accusations of spying on his estranged wife.
I am a long time reader of your magazine and I am outraged and disgusted at your choice in this article and its contents.
Both of us disgusted in my insula: The common neural basis of seeing and feeling disgust.
As Ahmed adroitly puts it, "Being disgusted is not simply about 'gut feelings.
If we are offered lemonade in a sterile bedpan, then most of us would be disgusted.
Anne-Marie Paszkiewicz "Outright disgusted, disrespectful to the men and women who serve to protect and strengthen this country.
I've got some sympathy with Martinez - it's his job on the line if the Latics get relegated - but there are more important things to be disgusted by than poor offside decisions.
Other research suggests that libertarians are not easily disgusted.
I don't know what message you wanted to give - you felt pity for the Filipino or were disgusted with the scene.
Theoretically, an ingrained recognition of adults' disgusted expressions would keep youngsters from eating poisonous and potentially fatal items or putting them in their mouths.
To Jane P, let me say one thing, I am still disgusted from what that lady did, and what many other ladies like her done in secret, and as you criticize your self, you first say that you are fully disgusted from the case, then you ask a mercy for the woman who tend to kill her newborn baby, you lady, don't you know that the pregnant not suppose to go out alone in the last months or pregnancy?
We've told her we're repulsed, disgusted, and disappointed.