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As I relieve the dog of his burs I fling them disgustedly into the yard and the next spring my lawn is tastefully decorated with jaunty cocklebur plants to go with the crab-grass, knotweed and chickweed that warms the heart of tins old green thumb landscape.
Jenette attempted to go one better, poking disgustedly at her gargantuan mushroom risotto and pronouncing that "it looks like something a dog would throw up".
Dad tried some long crossers twice, but disgustedly came up empty, giving me an "I told you so" look each time.
The woman repeated disgustedly, 'There were thousands of them.
The white beat cops who discover this situation disgustedly express their bafflement with people who can continue to "live in such filth" (8) without attempting some kind of substantial change, and while Himes's fictions routinely present the opinions of white representatives of police power in Harlem in order to undercut the authority of their perspective, the Reverend Sam's house is disgusting in profoundly unhygienic ways that the narration stresses: "rusted bed springs, broken emery stones, rotting harness, dead cats, dog offal, puddles of stinking garbage, and swarms of bottle flies, house flies, gnats, mosquitoes" (8).
Earls then dropped a high ball and showed his frustration by kicking it disgustedly off the pitch.
She had all the easy charm of the person who conducts intimate body searches at Nairobi airport, looking down disgustedly on the rest of team as though she'd just caught them dragging dog muck across her shag pile.
Molly came back from her party recently, emptied the contents on the kitchen table, pointed at the yellow flat bit of rubber and said, rather disgustedly, "What is that?
This is the sort of work that divides audiences - some viewers will stare at it disgustedly, thinking it's all a con, while others will be fascinated by how the artist manages to physically resemble his subjects, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.
Upon reaching the funnel that I had neglected to hang a stand in I looked out upon the beans and my eyes disgustedly fell upon five bucks feeding.
He looks disgustedly on the ruins of the city-state of Manhattan that has moved underground into shelters.
Nick doesn't show up for work, he ignores his parents and two young sons, and he disgustedly rebuffs his wife while he embarks on an affair with rob's equally disturbed sister Belinda.