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The dark patterning on the fabric is hair--the stuff that we fussily coif when it's still attached to us and pick off disgustedly when it's not.
I even offered to help him but he told me to f*ck off," he said, disgustedly.
If you want to rub his nose in it, snap the lid closed, nod curtly, and disgustedly exclaim, "I said good day, sir
Disenchanted with a sculptural practice that had become "too much about the materials" and disgustedly comparing his studio to an industrial "depot," Boetti "began again from zero," tracing the prefabricated grid of a sheet of graph paper in graphite pencil.
No," I called back very disgustedly, "only by a loaded duck.
Ironically, he discovers that a beating from him is a sure way for a male teacher to score sexually, as sympathetic women are all too ready to comfort the victims of an ex-IRA "hard man"; as Henry disgustedly concludes, "I became their leprechaun and pimp.
When Bilqeece is dressed like the English, a woman disgustedly comments, "She looks a good-as-dead Farangan.
7) The script calls attention to its outdated formula by having the aging gamine disgustedly walk out of a revival movie house's showing of a black and white film about a dance instructor who falls in love with a prince in disguise, which even the hopelessly romantic Maxine finds unrealistic.
As I relieve the dog of his burs I fling them disgustedly into the yard and the next spring my lawn is tastefully decorated with jaunty cocklebur plants to go with the crab-grass, knotweed and chickweed that warms the heart of tins old green thumb landscape.
Whereas it begins with Morris's shocking memory of anti-Semitic persecution, it concludes with a description of Gus driving from the store in his truck, musing disgustedly over the Jews holding and consoling each other.
Dad tried some long crossers twice, but disgustedly came up empty, giving me an "I told you so" look each time.