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Women always knew men were disgusting and now men are going, 'I guess we are disgusting.
I shall not be visiting Port Eynon in a hurry after this disgusting sight.
Although these studies indicate enhanced memory for a rapidly presented disgusting stimulus, what is less clear is what exactly people recall.
The university spokesman informed here on Monday that a female student had submitted a written complaint alleging that driver Hamza Bhalai had used disgusting language with her.
I think it is disgusting that children have to put up with this.
She focuses on works written since 1990 and discusses theoretical models of disgust, including those of psychoanalytic theorists, Nietzsche, Sartre, Martha Nussbaum, and Kant, and the representation of the disgusting body, abstract forms of disgust, politics, and extreme disgust.
99) discusses the slug's food preferences, traits, and why they are both disgusting and engrossing.
EBOLA is a disgusting disease, and not just because you die bleeding from every orifice.
I cannot believe how disgusting the writers and the producers have gotten with their programs.
Thus, contact with certain cues that evoke disgust can turn a neutral object into something disgusting (Rozin, Millman, & Nemeroff, 1986).
The Cove is a useful text through which to think about these questions: a kind of ecothriller, it includes disgusting footage of the dolphin killing, but it also narrates the desperation and daring with which its team acquired that footage and models responses to witnessing it.