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John's disgust redoubled at the thought, but hunger was beginning to grow stronger than repulsion, and as a step to breakfast, if nothing else, he must find and arouse this sleeper.
The finger was stained red: it was blood; he stared upon it with disgust, and awe, and terror, and in the sharpness of the new sensation, fell instantly to act.
All the time I was washing out the block house, and then washing up the things from dinner, this disgust and envy kept growing stronger and stronger, till at last, being near a bread-bag, and no one then observing me, I took the first step towards my escapade and filled both pockets of my coat with biscuit.
Here Sir James's look of disgust returned in all its intensity.
95) Just as the evaluative thesis suggests, it is the killer's very appetite to do what disgusts us that marks him as "barbaric and disgusting" (pp.
They disgust me and Derek is the one that disgusts me most.
These are followed by the interpersonal or sexual disgusts, such as revulsion at direct or indirect contact with strangers or other undesirables.
Washington, June 13 ( ANI ): A new study has found that people exposed to core disgusts (blood, guts, body products) showed higher levels of attention the more disgusting the content grew even though they had negative reactions to the content.
Karen James: "The human race really disgusts me sometimes.
We find it hard not to sneak a second look or, less voluntarily, we find our eyes doing 'double-takes' at the very thing that disgusts us" (x).
I haven't had children and I can't look at anything to do with childbirth, it absolutely disgusts me.
They always say that the idea of anal sex disgusts them, but what really disgusts them is the idea of love.