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On the other hand, the Chinese considered barbarian the Europeans' aggressive, disharmonious behavior and ignorance of li.
The Register's lawsuit charges that the John Does "blatantly infringed" on the paper's trademark with their "un-Registered Press" site name, and that they "significantly interfered with employees' communication and efficiency and created a disharmonious atmosphere." An AOL spokesperson told the Associated Press that it gave the site operators 10 days notice before turning their identities over to Freedom Communications, which it did July 1 5.The Web site was shut down the same day.
[T]he gaze of the other is in a way domesticated, "gentrified"; instead of the gaze erupting like a traumatic, disharmonious blot, we have the illusion of "seeing ourselves seeing," of seeing the gaze itself.
Disharmonious though they may be to some, no doubt such analysis is useful to historians of architecture and design.
In the twenty-five years between the Abolitionist postal campaign of 1835 and the outbreak of war well-educated, aspiring Protestant ministers helped to create a moral consensus which could unite a diverse and disharmonious region behind the banner of disunion.
Tango helped to cultivate these disharmonious encounters and, at the same time, expressed their occurence.
"The division of the total genetic variability of nature into discrete packages, the so-called species, which are separated from each other by reproductive barriers, prevents the production of too great a number of disharmonious incompatible gene combinations.
If something went awry in a disharmonious corner of the globe, citizens would combine to restore peace.
Such equable climates, wherein both summer and winter extremes are moderated, likely prevailed in central Texas during the late Wisconsinan to early Holocene interval as suggested by presence of both northern and southern species in many "disharmonious" (Semken, 1974) or "intermingled" (Graham, 1975) central Texas faunas (Table 2).
This situation was disharmonious for firms and could make nations differentially attractive and costly for conduct of business.
What we call the 'environmental crisis'--the array of critical unsolved problems ranging from local toxic dumps to the disruption of global climate--is a product of the drastic mismatch between the cyclical, conservative, and self-consistent processes of the ecosphere and the linear, innovative, but ecologically disharmonious processes of the technosphere.
Aesthetics, as it is used here, refers not primarily to the domain of beauty, but of order and harmony, and by implication, the disordered and the disharmonious. Rudolf Arnheim, in an easy entitled Entropy and Art, writes: