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In other words, the consumers might take into account for example, (i) corruption, and its consequences in the company, in the market and in society; (ii) the bosses' misuse of power towards workers, bringing about a disharmonious work corporate climate which can be extended to the supply chain; (iii) the negative impact on society because of the acting of a company (generating sound pollution, unfair appropriation of local knowledge leading to uneven economic competition between locals and companies; or, financing of militias).
While he could scarcely be called an impartial writer, Hicks nonetheless demonstrates a candid evenhandedness with the material, occasionally even revealing disharmonious relationships within the idealized and revered Church hierarchy by placing the Choir and its repertoire squarely within the crosshairs of a Church constantly battling its image and its past.
Nevertheless, Hirsch takes e in the present text as a reference to the Eninnu temple, and this view has been followed by numerous translators, including Edzard: "he had anything disharmonious turned away from the House" (Gudea and His Dynasty [Toronto: Univ.
Yemen is not represented only through prominent leaders and their associates, but the nation contains different entities - some homogeneous and others disharmonious, whether politically, economically or culturally.
Consequently, neglecting the pre-designed location for billboards and building signs in new developments, billboards and signs on building facades with disharmonious size, shape, colour, font size and level have turned buildings into massive billboards, which has caused visual pollution and disturbance in the streetscape (Figure 8).
She wrote: "Whilst our start was cordially disharmonious, perhaps me and Jeremy Corbyn can take this journey together.
Yet, apart from a mute showoff exasperation, the indifference of those in the upper strata of society towards the disharmonious relationship between the 'haves' and 'have nots' amongst the people in general has been quite unsettling.
You look disharmonious when I watch you lads play at the moment.
Those children, psychologists and sociologists say that develop disharmonious personality and therefore it is possible that, once matured, to form a generation of adults with social integration problems" (Constantinescu, 2008: 215).
There are ample examples from the Bible (the book of Revelation), church history (the Taiping Rebellion), and contemporary life to show the disharmonious effects of Christianity.
One of those papers was on disharmonious monetary and wages policies (Isles to Copland, 2/10/1930, FECC, UMA).
My focus wavered despite the magnitude of Ruebners poetry when I encountered disharmonious choices.