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However, members of the Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers in Europe (ACEM) recently expressed concern that the disharmonized adoption of new licensing rules for motorcycles (A category) would limit the mobility of European Union (EU) citizens while adversely affecting the market.
The Directive was implemented in 1995 to address perceived threats to individual privacy and autonomy as a result of disharmonized laws protecting individual privacy throughout the European Union.
I witnessed this week such a case with an anti-smuggling SUV getting free passage, whereas 20 minutes earlier I was the only one to move for an ambulance on the heavily congested Medina Street at 6.30 pm.Of course, there are other reasons for Amman's disgusting traffic situation, such as the actual roads, whose damaging surfaces cause one to adopt a dodge and dive approach, in addition to the design and construction of a disharmonized network with few slip roads, but rather mixing and matching high speed roads with low speed ones and having them converge at very low speed right angles.