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THERE IS no disharmony in the England camp and no question-marks over the future of Fabio Capello.
The off-spinner also revealed how the South Africa-born batsman's lack of confidence in the ability of then-coach Peter Moores caused disharmony in the dressing room.
Addressing more than 500 members of the judicial sector in a seminar titled EoACAySocial networking websites and its influence on the UAE community', Dahi accused the Muslim Brotherhood of abusing the freedom available on social networking websites and turning them to EoACAysocial disharmony websites'.
Netherlands update: The Oranje have enough talent to win the Cup, but that's always true, and something -- too often racial disharmony -- always derails the Dutch hopes.
Tonya Pinkins stars in the compelling musical penned by Angels in America Pulitzer Prize-winner Tony Kushner (music by Jeanine Tesori); a young boy learns about social inequity and racial disharmony in the South in the era of the burgeoning civil rights movement.
The most recent cause for global disharmony is fossil fuels.
Sad, titillating disharmony prevails throughout when two of the activity's finer souls both go down the road to ignominy in the same Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Hail of Fame issue.
After all, in its common pejorative sense, the grotesque would seem to be the antithesis of the sort of worldliness to which Hickey's title provisionally alludes, a zone not of refinement and urbanity but of disharmony, disenfranchisement, and aberrance.
A general yoga practice will help lose excess weight, but a routine of yogic practices based upon and individual's specific disharmony will be more effective.
In fact, some social and behavioral scientists make parallels between African slavery as a holocaust and current challenges faced by African Americans--drug addiction and trafficking, the high incarceration level of African-American males, black-on-black crime, street violence, poverty, rising disparities in education, high underemployment and unemployment figures, teenage pregnancies and single-parent households, gender disharmony, African-American and African-born American cultural conflict, intra-racial divisions, institutionalized racism, and often, deteriorating interracial discourse.
AUSTRALIA coach Eddie Jones has struck out at critics citing disharmony in the Wallabies squad - claiming a 142-0 demolition of Namibia showed a group of players eager to retain the World Cup.