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We'll have unhappy guys again next week -but what we haven't got is disharmony.
Question : However, political intervention into this matter will cause ethnic disharmony at this juncture.
Arnold later admitted the remark was an attempt to get his side fired-up for Monday night's encounter, but it was too late to prevent reports of disharmony in the camp.
A tribunal in Aberdeen heard Mr Taylor felt there was disharmony among bar staff and he alone had made the decision to dismiss Mrs Buchan.
They seek peace in their personal relationships, but there has probably never been a period where violence and disharmony have been so evident as they are today.
I feel very sorry that my name has been used in an attempt to suggest disharmony and division in the England camp.
It is further elaborated that inciting religious disharmony, exhibition of weapons, wall chalking, distribution and sale of CDs, pamphlets, booklets are also banned.
Consulate in Peshawar, in which it has been stated that US should take stern measures to stop such activities which hurt the feelings of the Muslims and create religious disharmony, otherwise, the people of KPK will not tolerate in future and if any untoward incidence happen, then the US officials will be responsible.
Les Bleus' campaign has been dogged by rumours of disharmony and even suggestions 1998 World Cup-winner Zidane was trying to influence selection.
Following the three-Test whitewash, player disharmony, constant speculation about the future of captain Mohammad Yousuf and a 2-0 deficit in the best-of-five one-day series, it will take a miracle for Pakistan to save the series in Adelaide tomorrow.
Sections of the Italian media have suggested disharmony between senior players and Mallett during a Six Nations campaign that has so far produced comprehensive defeats against England, Ireland and Scotland.
Mowbray does not want any dressing-room disharmony as Albion struggle for Premier League survival.