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Earlier on Tuesday, three students living in different areas of Chitral had attempted to end their lives after they received their intermediate exam results and felt disheartened over their performance.
Another girl, identified as Safoora from the Garam Chashma village, was disheartened by her exam results and decided to jump into a river from a bridge to commit suicide.
Neelam, who has previously opened up about the racism she was subjected to as a child, also spoke about her Asian heritage, and how she felt disheartened at the lack of Indian models in the spotlight.
Summary: Tunis, Tunisia - With Tunisia's legislative and presidential elections approaching on October 26 and November 23, respectively, many of the country's youth, the driving force behind of the country's 2011 revolution, remain disheartened by national politics.
"People are really disheartened by the state of the bus station.
A new poll shows that two of five teachers are "disheartened" with the profession.
BEN FOSTER has admitted he is becoming disheartened with life at Manchester United.
"It does sometimes make me disheartened and I feel for the victim when, in the face of overwhelming evidence, there is an acquittal.
"I'm trying not to be too disheartened after that performance, but it's hard not to," admitted Stock-port boss Jim Gannon.
In my work here, I have been inspired and disheartened, angered and overjoyed.
As a hopeless romantic who was raised watching old black-and-white movies, I was disheartened to find out that old-fashioned love is really dead and those kinds of views are a thing of the past.
Don't worry if you haven't got the best singing voice - retired painter and decorator Mr Ward, 76, hopes to attract young and old who have been left disheartened after being rejected by other choirs.