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It's disgusting but dishearteningly this isn't surprising," she said.
As a result, this sent Lawrence in a tailspin, and, most dishearteningly, she lost her sense of humor.
Perhaps most dishearteningly, theorists suggest that these adjudicatory inconsistencies are, to some degree, inescapable.
Without question, our greatest challenge has been the dishearteningly difficult work of convincing school leaders to allocate resources for developing assessment literacy.
Finally, perhaps somewhat dishearteningly, participants tended to look at CMHCs as stepping stones toward different employment.
As the nation is craving impatiently for peace, calm and stability to return to the land so that the people's basic needs and nagging grievances be tackled by the ruling hierarchs across the board, things dishearteningly appear moving in the opposite direction.
Canadians will find much that's dishearteningly familiar in Sussex Drive, which is pegged as a satirical portrait of a "distaff Ottawa.
Dishearteningly, the likelihood of discrimination increased when medical providers were aware of the patient's transgender status.
Snowman's attitude toward women's labour is dishearteningly revealing--and familiar.
In any case, there was a sneaking sense of defeatism, as five of the eight Black candidates dishearteningly argued that "racism is just a part of life," in the sense that it was a societal ill unlikely to be cured.
If Watteau's fetes galantes were covert critiques of an aristocracy run amok, in which the artist was imagined as a kind of decorator-clown, then Sherman's wallpaper intimates that decades of feminism have resulted in modest gains in a game whose rules remain dishearteningly unchanged.