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Mild states of altered morale do not render a person incompetent--certainly disheartenment and mild despondency do not.
In the Catholic Church's present time of introspection, shame, and disheartenment regarding sexual misconduct by clergy, in a time of economic downturn and rising unemployment, to say nothing of declining vocations to the priesthood, it is highly unlikely that plans for construction of new churches will give us opportunities to conceive of beautiful and liturgically apt structures.
Most Vietnamese dictionaries define depression in terms of discouragement, disheartenment, sadness, and sorrow but not as an "emotional disorder," as it is defined in English dictionaries.
Correctional leadership: An antidote to bureaucracy and a remedy for public disheartenment.
Instead, Gillian Lathey's presentation leaves her reader with a feeling of frustration, anger, and disheartenment.
What will keep you going on your road to success, even when the potholes of disheartenment at times seem to get larger with every step, is the belief that the end you have set is worth reaching.
This again is bound to bring disheartenment to ones mind to get satisfy his/her expectations from life.