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In fact, the poets don't seem to mind the dirt and dishevelment of the times all that much.
Almost two decades later, Bishop's own reminiscence of her first meeting with Lowell back in 1947 explains why her attachment to him was perhaps more like the protective sort that a sister might feel for her scruffy younger brother: "What I remember about that meeting is your dishevelment, your lovely curly hair--and how much I liked you.
Constitutions, then, are rarely written at moments of continuous tranquility in the life of a state, but instead at moments of political crisis, or at least in moments of political dishevelment.
He "holds his peace" as the old translation has it: He stands in his dishevelment, tired from the rough handling of the servant and soldiers, and endures.
Some viewers laugh in response to the schlemiel/little man and his hypochondria, his battle with despair, his victimization, his Jewish guilt, his neurosis, his displacement, his relationships with women, his physical dishevelment.
I would have met you along the ridge of Frijoles Canyon caught breathless by your intensity and sad eyes your boyish dishevelment would have seduced me to seduce you just clumsily enough to surprise and charm you away from quantum mechanics the enigmatic half-life of identical nuclei and the grey uniform houses of Los Alamos at least for awhile until the 14th passed and the 15th and the 16th defying the test that would test us all.
But Durley House is not, I was told, a place where paparazzi hang around waiting to snap celebrities in various states of dishevelment.
Then consider Belloc, all dishevelment and defiance.
But thanks to Kate Moss, who keeps turning up backstage at Glastonbury in those rock and roll gypsy outfits, you now have to be a boho goddess with designer wellies, a vintage camper van and golden blonde hair in a state of perfect dishevelment.
While Meg frets over her cornflakes, lodger Stanley (Paul Ritter) is asleep upstairs, only to be roused into a state of seemingly perpetual dishevelment that keeps you guessing at precisely what sort of life this one-time pianist has left behind.
How much fashion has changed with Boho and deliberate dishevelment becoming one of the most popular looks around.
Unfortunately, it is also flirting with all that's disastrous about dishevelment.