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The dishevelment of her clothes and blood in her vagina and drawers indicated that murder had not been the only violation committed upon the body of the girl.
The culmination of the toll taken on her occurs in the scene in which the count, riding in his carriage, finds Ellenore wandering the country road in a state of dishevelment and disorientation (reminiscent of Adjani's career-making role in Truffaut's The Story of Adele H,1975.
Clinging on for a good hour or so is how Italy usually avoid being steamrollered, so the briskness of England's demolition came as a bit of a surprise, though less surprising was the way in which they failed to capitalise fully on the visitors' utter dishevelment at the end of the first quarter.
Wearing dirty white in dishevelment as delicate as the falling draperies on a dandyish Renaissance Saint.
The combination of happy, smiling children--in various stages of dishevelment as they slurp their way though pots of the dairy snack--with Gerry and the Pacemakers' `I Like It' as backing track make the TV ads' message to mums clear.
Seen apart, each is a perfectly coherent, brilliantly executed and entertaining farce with lots of coming and going, overhearing, overlooking and dishevelment, but you get a much better perspective on the shenanigans if you see the two together.
Dignified despite his dishevelment, his crumpled fedora in one hand, his inquisitive white cane in the other, Senor Borges, our improbable psychopomp, shows us the way into unanimous night.
What a great character, I thought, that cigar, that air of divine dishevelment, that voice - I thought surely I knew him from somewhere, but couldn't think how.
Australia is also home to protesters against everything from animal exploitation to Zen Buddhism, but none cause more than traffic problems and the occasional dishevelment of a police officer.
From the former, Letinsky borrows elegiac warnings about satiety and decay; from the latter, chic and spare dishevelment.
To call this a kind of defense mechanism is accurate, but it also offers a disarming dishevelment, a tousled, charming informality.
Indeed England should be heavilybacked at 10-11 with BetUK to win a Test like the three sets of Pommie tourists that preceded them, despite their clear inferiority and regular pre-arrival and midentanglement dishevelment, and a general 4-5 on the handicap with a 2.