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It is as the window finally springs up under the tug of his hands that she remembers: the empty glass; the dishevelment of her hair, the wet drape of her nightgown, how ruined she must look.
Her hair was a little wild too, for it hung over her eyes when she leaned forward, hiding them from view, the slight dishevelment only emphasizing the delicacy of her features, which I thought extraordinarily lovely.
Morbidly pale with his "cadaverousness of complexion," he has a chin "speaking, in its want of prominence, of a want of moral energy"; while his "silken" hair "had been suffered to grow all unheeded" in its "wild gossamer texture" so that "it floated rather than fell about the face" (321) in a kind of haloed dishevelment. The prevailing image of Usher's appearance, then, is of an unkempt, ethereal refinement that is paradoxically both morbid and exalted--a combination we find graphically presented in the juxtaposition of "the now ghastly pallor of the skin, and the now miraculous lustre of the eye" (321).
Underneath his dishevelment, a good mind is at work."
So did Mildred, in varying states of dishevelment. It was as though her appearances as a man had intensified my sense of her as a woman, which in turn had ignited my interest in Jacqueline, who in turn was smiling at me in school.
At the moment unbridled play between scantily-clad young women tugs us toward an epicentre of visceral dishevelment and sexual imbalance, the artist's memories merge with ours.
Newmarket trainer Sir Mark Prescott said: "Any tribute to David must mention his humanity and dishevelment, the pleasure he took in the underdog, and the self-deprecating examination of a betaholic's suffering in which he wallowed.
His Manchester United assistant, Mike Phelan, admitted that Rooney had returned from South Africa in a state of dishevelment.
But once in the home, she says they were allowed to descend into dishevelment and mess.
Assistant Imam Hamid Rashada said his dishevelment and odd behavior disturbed some members.
In fact, the poets don't seem to mind the dirt and dishevelment of the times all that much.
Almost two decades later, Bishop's own reminiscence of her first meeting with Lowell back in 1947 explains why her attachment to him was perhaps more like the protective sort that a sister might feel for her scruffy younger brother: "What I remember about that meeting is your dishevelment, your lovely curly hair--and how much I liked you.