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Further, the argument that a dishonest person as president would be 'controlling' sadiq and amin members of their party is beyond comprehension at various levels.
CJP remarked ' can a person who is declared dishonest and non Amin contest by polls.
The committee has accepted that the registrant genuinely believed that he was entitled to the sums that he had recovered and had not been dishonest in his financial motivation, but had used a method of recovering the money which was dishonest in the way that he had gone about it," she highlighted.
Therefore, it is a misconception that there will be large-scale disqualifications on mere incorrect declarations or omissions without deliberate dishonest design.
What many people don't realise is that being dishonest with your skills and experience can end up costing you a job offer and damage your long-term career prospects.
The disciplinary probe upheld complaints that Mr Cloherty: | Lied about the date he replaced the notebook in which he recorded the incident with Mr Beecham; | A series of pocket book entries dated before May 27 were dishonest; | Recording of a false start date for the notepad (May 19) was dishonest; | He made a "misleading" and "dishonest" witness statement when questioned over his notebook; | He was dishonest over the use of his notebook during court testimony; | The "loss" of his pocket notebook was dishonest.
The committee has found she was not dishonest in relation to counts 1a and 1b, and on this basis the committee is not satisfied that the standards fell short of a registered person," Ms Turnbull said.
But I get very dishonest media, very dishonest press.
Despite "doing pretty good in the polls" the candidate said that he doesn't "believe the polls anymore," because of dishonest reporting by news organizations.
Global Banking News-September 2, 2016--Barclays accused of dishonest investment
lv public initiatives portal, demanding that names of all dishonest employees at the Latvian State Revenue Service and other government agencies be made public.
HULL KR chairman Neil Hudgell promised to "smoke out the dishonest people in the club" after the Robins crashed to a 22-36 Challenge Cup defeat against Championship Oldham.