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58) Griew, see above n 33, 45 is also critical of the fact that the tests of dishonesty do not take into account the 'contextual flavour'.
We have a flair for cheating and dishonesty and we use this talent in multifarious ways like robbery, hold-up, steeling, smuggling, swindling, burglary, gambling, spiritual healing (the list is much longer) which caters to provide livelihood to a large number of people.
Judge Esmond Faulks told him: "The aggravating features are that the theft was clearly a gross breach of trust, you were subject a community order at the time, and you have a substantial number of previous convictions for dishonesty.
Also in Judge Golberg's statement, the defendant deceived the company, made fake documents "designed to perpetuate his deceit and dishonesty," and resigned with an innocent explanation for the secret purchases of the shares.
Should dishonesty, in and of itself, constitute just cause to be fired from one's job, irrespective of the circumstances surrounding the conduct, the nature or degree of such dishonesty, or whether it breached the essential conditions of the employment relationship?
Richard Clive Hallows, of Hallows Associates in Mold, was deemed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to have given it reason to suspect dishonesty on his part.
Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed remarked as long as declaration is there, there will be dishonesty.
They have to accept their dishonesty before the public,' chief Justice Saqib Nisar pointed out while adding that there are some people out there who say they did nothing wrong and that injustice was done to them.
Firstly, the Supreme Court categorically lays down the 'element of dishonesty as an essential element' for any disqualification under Article 62(1)(f) of the Constitution.
Michaels & Miethe, 1989; Blankenship & Whitley, 2000) provides initial support for the theory that authoritative parenting may inhibit adult children's academic dishonesty, in that it allows for a conceptualization of academic dishonesty as related to general deviance, thereby suggesting that authoritative parenting might have a similar relationship with both types of behaviors.
We accept that laws were violated, that mistakes were made but where did dishonesty come from?
The CJP questioned whether cheating and fraud translate to dishonesty.