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To refuse to accept or pay a draft or to pay a promissory note when duly presented. An instrument is dishonored when a necessary or optional presentment is made and due acceptance or payment is refused, or cannot be obtained within the prescribed time, or in case of bank collections, the instrument is seasonably returned by the midnight deadline; or presentment is excused and the instrument is not duly accepted or paid. Includes the insurer of a letter of credit refusing to pay or accept a draft or demand for payment.

As respects the flag, to deface or defile, imputing a lively sense of shaming or an equivalent acquiescent callousness.

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v. to refuse to pay the face amount of a check or the amount due on a promissory note.

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TO DISHONOR, contr. This term is applied to the nonfulfillment of commercial engagements. To dishonor a bill of exchange, or a promissory note, is to refuse or neglect to pay it at maturity.
     2. The holder is bound to give notice to the parties to such instrument of its dishonor, and his laches will discharge the indorsers. Chit. on Bills, 394, 395, 256 to 278.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Beneficiary was also awarded payment of its reasonable attorneys' fees as the prevailing party in its wrongful dishonor action.
The initial source of the architectural dishonor was, we have noted, not merely the absence of a communal palace, but the presence of splendid town halls in other cities.
One Khalid Raza told Police Station Kohsar that Rehan Maqbool had given his a cheque of Rs 10.25 million that was dishonor. Likewise one Aurangzeb told Kohsar police station that cause Muhamamd Ahsan Ali had given a cheaq of Rs 5 million in connection with business but later cheque dishonor.
Some dishonor their parents by ignoring their instructions and counsel.
If will dishonor it, they will also dishonor the Lord.)
Main character, Brahim Llob, after publishing his latest book, is confronted with his peers condemnation and consideration of his dishonor, causing his visit to his hometown which results in an attack from GIA commando.
Blood does not wipe out dishonor, nor violence indicate possession."
According to the National Union court, that means a letter of credit beneficiary faces the risk of dishonor when it presents a draft/demand for payment in excess of the amount available for payment under the letter of credit.
It's not just in Tennessee that they have done away with the honor roll (Jeff Rundles, "The dishonor roll," March).
Dishonor and pollution had everything to do with artisan and craft status and the careful policing of the boundaries of social groups in a corporate society of orders.
Moreover, this representation would not have been missed by a typical Shakespearean audience for "to a conscientious Christian living in late sixteenth-century England, the formal oath was an especially powerful form of utterance." [11] In fact, there exists in this period a plethora of texts that emphasized the difference between careful and casual swearing in an attempt to elucidate the dishonor involved in the casual use of promise.