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The number of dishonorable discharges logged in NICS jumped in the past year.
Bahceli sparked a wave of criticism after he said, "Those pathetic ones who relax in their summer homes in yzmir or Marmaris and refuse to vote for the MHP to counter the AKP [Justice and Development Party (AK Party)] but instead open the way for the HDP to enter Parliament; those dishonorable [people] who live in Bosporus mansions, sip their whisky and vote for the HDP.
was sentenced to confinement for one year, a dishonorable discharge, and reduction to E-1 for sexually assaulting a female Airman while she was passed out after a night of drinking.
The authors explain why conscientious objection for reproductive healthcare providers, which they deem "dishonorable disobedience," will always be an obstacle to abortion access.
"I think words such as dishonorable and disgraceful have been used and I totally refute that I was on the take for money.
But if they cannot prove, they are dishonorable and low."
Canada has a long and dishonorable history of poaching skilled personnel trained at someone else's cost.
Dear Dishonorable Discharge, First off, why not use a pantiliner?
In addition to the change above, Raw Story also reports that: "The Hadley revision also adds discharge from the military under 'dishonorable conditions' to a list of conditions that could warrant denial.
While Cassandra is angelically fair and Rosalind is a "fiery dragon", both young women are prepared to thwart any dishonorable schemes Richard and Julian might employ.
Gaita questions the many dishonorable actions taken against animals, but holds firm to the idea that they do not possess the same moral personhood as humans.